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This page will allow you to build a search to be used by the @blakes7bot B7Quote tweet functionality.

Search by word(s) of dialogue. Only lines already tweeted are displayed. Use the standard search page to see all lines.
TIP: Start with as few words as possible, adding in words until only the unique line that you want is displayed.
The tweet search uses different notation to the standard search.
You can filter your results by season and episode - add s1 or season 1 to filter by season.
You can filter by episode - episode 5 or e5, but you MUST also specify a season.

All of these will work:
  • well now
  • well now s4
  • well now season 4 episode 9
  • well now s4 e9
The first 20 of any matching lines will be returned.

Once you've found the correct search phrase: