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Blakes7Bot is an automated Twitter and Mastodon Bot that tweets lines of dialogue from Blakes 7.

Find out more about how the bot works.

Using the B7Quote functionality.
  • The bot can send you a personal tweet or toot with your favourite B7 quote. Here's how:
  • Send a tweet to the bot starting with the keyword b7quote and then your search word or phrase.
  • Examples:
     @blakes7bot b7quote stupid degree

     @blakes7bot@botsin.space #b7quote stupid degree
  • That's b7quote, not B7 Quote or quote or any other variation.
  • Mastodon users: toot @blakes7bot@botsin.space and the b7quote MUST be typed as a hashtag: #b7quote. (For privacy reasons, toot content may not be available to search, which is why it has to be a hashtag instead.)
  • The bot will search for lines from Blakes 7 that match your search expression, and will reply to your tweet with the results.
    • If there are multiple results, one will be chosen at random.
    • Only lines that have already been tweeted or tooted by the bot will be returned.
  • To restrict your search to a specific series / season, add s1, s2, s3, or s4 as required to your search.
    • The bot will  also understand these series alternatives too - Season 1, Series B etc. So the following should all work:
      • @blakes7bot b7quote soma s4
      • @blakes7bot b7quote series d episode 10 old friend
      • @blakes7bot b7quote the word season 2
  • You can also limit your search to a particular episode using e1, e2, or episode 1, episode 2 etc. If adding an episode filter, you must also include a series / season filter too.
  • Filtering by season and episode, and not adding a search word or phrase will return a random result from that episode:
    • @blakes7bot b7quote series D episode 11
  • Including the command word vid in your search will force the reply to include a video clip rather than an image, (if one is available.)
    • @blakes7bot b7quote the word season 2 vid
  • There's almost no need for punctuation - the bot will only ignore it anyway, so no need to type @blakes7bot b7quote: season 1, episode 3 - "hello blake."  - just use b7quote season 1 episode 3 hello blake
    • The only exceptions are apostrophes and dashes - if the script says I'm Blake, or twenty-five, that's what you should type.
  • Usually, less is more when searching. Especially when trying to remember a line from a show from 40 years ago. For example, rabble crushed will suffice instead of The rabble aren't quite as crushed as your speech suggests.
  • Character names: If you type, for example, Avon stupid, the bot will look for a line containing the words Avon and stupid. It won't look for a line said by Avon where he says the word stupid. To restrict your search to lines spoken by a specific character, add the c= prefix followed by the character's name (with no space) e.g. c=avon stupid.
  • Automated replies from the bot will start with Robot face.
  • You can use the quote search page to build and refine your search until you end up with an expression that only returns the quote that you want. (The quote search page will only return lines that have already been tweeted and is set up to filter results using the above commands. The standard script search page returns everything, and uses a more usual - and powerful - search syntax.)
  • Finally, if it hasn't worked in the way you'd expected / hoped, try again, or reply and point it out. Feedback helps to make sure it works properly!